Time does fly fast, from starting as a little 3 year old kid to turning 18 this year. 15 years in this school has made me consider it as a second home. Being the first batch to join when this school started made us grow with this institution we call our second home. Through this long time, I did pick up a whole lot of friends…nah FAMILY, Through ups and downs they had my back making millions of memories inside the four walls that contain our lives.

This post is meaningless without thanking our everloving juniors who supported us throughout our senior grade, who gave us the best farewell we could ever ask for which summed up the memorable years. And my advice to you guys would probably be “to live your lives for YOUR expectations and not other’s”. I also extend my gratefulness to our beloved teachers who saw us as their children rather than just students. Thank you 😁

And of course being a captain has shaped me and moulded me in the past year into a better human, this win could have never been possible without my eridanian juniors I’m grateful for 💚. I am also grateful to the council who stood together through the toughest of times slaughtering the problems coming our way, including my dearest house captains and vice captains, this bond will last forever.

These are but a grain of sand in the desert of memories in the world of ksirs. After a long while as I look back to this point in time, I could only be happy for all of this to have happened in my life and never forget this till my last breath. As these many emotions flow through my heart I state with pride that “this part of my life is called HAPPINESS”

Whole-heartedly Thanking you,Signing off with love,Your friend, senior and captainSudharshan