Student Council

Student Council

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A Council of the Children

Opportunity is what gives one a chance to prove their mettle. At K’sirs we believe in giving the students the freedom to become leaders to not only explore their innate skills but also to develop it. The Council of ministers have roles which invoke children to challenge themselves. The criteria given for every role initiates children to work towards nominating themselves for the various roles that they would like to see themselves in. The students’ council plays a vital role at K’sirs as it forms the backbone for the various day to day activities of the school. Children from grade 9 upwards get to file their nominations for various positions like The President, Vice-president, speaker, deputy speaker and ministers for areas like education, health, sports, library, food & service, transport and social & culture. Each role has its logo which relates to the role and it is given in advance by the election committee. At the filing of the nominations the children are given the opportunity to visit every class and campaign by presenting their manifesto. They are also given a platform for a whole school debate.

Our Ministers

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Speaker
  • Deputy- Speaker
  • Education Minister
  • Sports Minister Girls
  • Sports Minister Boys
  • Health Minister
  • Social Minister
  • Library Minister
  • Minister for Food & Service
  • Cultural Minister
  • Transport Minister
  • Minister for Public Relations
  • Minister for Information & Broadcasting
  • House Captains



Good luck to our elected council