Career Guidance

K'sirs Career Guidance

Career Counseling and Guidance (C2G)

Career Counseling and guidance plays a vital role in children’s decision making enabling them to plan their higher studies according to their interests or passion. It is often noted that counseling is done by external agencies and doesn’t get the required attention at schools.  Introduction of this facility at K’sirs paves way for better planning on the future course based on the student’s personal interests and skills.

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Reason why C2G@ K’sirs?

  • Enable students to identify their interests.
  • To be very precise about their thoughts.
  • To set a pathway to manifest their notion.
  • Be clear about their ideas.
  • To emphasize on the relationship between school and parent body.
  • To face “Come what may”.
  • To help every individual through his\her own efforts, to discover and develop their potentials for their personal happiness and social usefulness.

Features of Career Guidance @ K’sirs

  • Sensitizing the students.
  • Glamourizing the concept of career planning.
  • Developing their interest in their passion
  • Counseling is for everyone, not just for the top order students.

The process

Destinations our students work towards