K'sirs Schoolathon

K'sirs Schoolathon ``Green Strides, Planet's Pride`` a Marathon to make people aware on the importance of having an emission free green world was held on 18th November 2023.


CISCE Regional Badminton Tournament for Tamilnadu and Pondicherry region was held at K'sirs International School on the 4th & 5th August 2023
Alumni meet of K'sirs Legacy for 2023 was held on 13th August 2023 at K'sirs Auditorium.
Our cultural extravaganza "A day at school" for grades 2-4 was held on 9th September 2023.
"K'sirs Flix" our annual day for grades 5-12 was held on 10th September 2023.
K'sirs Career Symposium was held on 18th October and saw the participation of over 90+ universities from within the country and overseas.
K'sirs Schoolathon was held on 18th November 2023 at Race course emphasising on "Green Strides, Planet's Pride".
K'sirs Film Festival will be held on 23rd December 2023.
K'sirs Pongalo Pongal will be held on 23rd December 2023.


Baked Parmesan Zucchini

Travel safe with road discipline - A traffic awareness event

Ksirs achieves a place in Kalam's Book of World Records

Monishree, 3 gold medals in International karate tournament

CISCE Badminton Nationalists


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