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Schools should be fun

People describe their life at school in different ways. For many, school was an annoying, stressful and sometimes painful experience. The tales that people tell when they look back at school would rarely have anything to do with school itself but instead it would be about the wonderful times about making friends or playing games. When it comes to school success stories, people would talk about cramming for the big exam or working hard to get a grade. They are almost never about learning!

Rather than concentrating on your child's capacity to score more marks, it is more important to make your child an action-oriented, self-confident and self-supportive individual. The more learning feels like play, the more fun it is and the more it happens naturally.

When we suck the joy out of education, we are going against everything the planet and all of nature tells us about what works for real learning. Yes, we need to teach students to survive in the real world by making them mature and not turning them into institutionalized drones.


The Journey



At K’sirs Montessori students are groomed in environments named after local birds. Each environment has a hetrogeneous group of students (M1, M2, M3) and are mentored by AMI trained Montessori directress.



K'sirs offers the Cambridge International Programme which provides a flexible curriculum and sets clear learning objectives in an array of subjects including English, Mathematics and Science from grades 1 to 12.



K’sirs offers the ICSE curriculum from grades 1 to 10. Students of grades 11 and 12 are modelled based on the changing learning needs of the young evolving mind. The ICSE syllabus is modelled on the different demands of excellence that the students are expected to attain.


Towards Light

At K'sirs, learning is fun and is specially tailored around the needs of the child. The magic of learning is aimed at creating a force of conscientious citizens who not only find joy in discovering their world within, but also contribute to the world outside. This is the beginning of a journey towards light.

Education and fun can go hand in hand. Want to know how?

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