Vazhviyal kalaigal


Vazhviyal Kalaigal

In an effort to let our future learn all about our history and the form of art practiced in south india, we have the ‘vazhviyal kalaigal’ hub. It’s a journey that unveils the soul of a region through music, dance, visual arts, and more. Guided by our staff, we aim to nurture our students’ artistic talents and connect you with the essence of South Indian heritage. All of these would include arts such as kummi attam and parai attam, connecting the students all the way to their roots and letting them know more about their heritage. Through immersive experiences and hands-on practice, we strive to cultivate individuals who not only appreciate these art forms but also contribute to their preservation and evolution. It’s a journey where brush strokes become stories, footwork becomes rhythm, and creativity becomes a bridge to the past and future.