Calm and steady

“Eridanus: Where Dreams Flow into Victory!”

Welcome to the official webpage of Eridanus Team, the river of creativity and cultural richness at K’SIRS International School. The House Eridanus is one of the esteemed teams that make up our diverse school community, embodying a spirit of creativity, cultural appreciation, and the pursuit of artistic excellence. As you navigate this virtual portal, we invite you to immerse yourself in the colorful history, outstanding artistic achievements, and the strong sense of unity that characterizes us as proud members of the Eridanus family. Eridanus is a place for individuals to explore a world where artistic expression flows freely, and where students not only celebrate their creative endeavors but also embrace the enduring values that connect them as Eridanus champions. Welcome to the river of inspiration and artistry!


Mithun G

Vice captain

Smrithi S.A