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The role of the school is to create conditions for inventions rather than provide ready-made bookish knowledge.


At K'sirs, we strive to create opportunities for all students to be successful. We recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach to education is not in the best interest of students and families therefore the curriculum decisions should ultimately be made at the school level. At K'sirs we make every effort to design each child's educational programme to match the needs and interests of the individual students and communities we serve.

We know for a fact that one-size fits-all approach to education is flawed, for example if a child acts in this way at home, behaves that way in school, then strategy A will work wonders, but if she acts that way at home and behaves this way in school, then strategy B will be consistently effective. However, these convenient maps do not truly exist because, in all cases, individual variation and needs must be taken into account. This is not to say that generalities do not exist and that we should reinvent the wheel constantly. But it is said to emphasize the need to understand learners as unique individuals and move away from the idea that we can ever really help children learn without helping them first discover how they learn

Parents as Partners

Children have the best chance of reaching great heights when there is the right involvement of the most important people of their lives - Parents!

Parents play a major role in moulding every child's character and their inputs are essential throughout the education.

K'sirs believes that when parents act as partners, they gift their children added happiness and confidence to learn and explore new things in life. Getting parents involved in the education of their children appears to be a crucial factor for the healthy educational development and success of the children in school. Developing positive partnership of parents in their child's activities and hobbies will influence their child's attitude and performances at school.

Parents should involve themselves in their child's education and rectify them when they make mistakes. This would indeed help them learn valuable lessons in life that cannot be taught at school.

Good interaction and communication is also an important element that helps in creating a positive school culture between parents and educators.

Parents must be partners and companions to their little ones to help them succeed in life.


Education and fun can go hand in hand. Want to know how?

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