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Environmental policy:


   K'sirs strives for a plastic free world. We look forward to your continuous support towards this.

   It is also our endeavour to become a garbage free zone by recycling all wastes generated in the school.

   K'sirs is working towards becoming a mobile free zone. Hence, kindly avoid bringing cell phones into the school premises.

   We are committed to the protection of the environment.

   This commitment includes preserving natural resources, preventing pollution and continual improvement of environmental management. Implementation of this policy is the responsibility of each member of the school community.

The K'sirs Farm:


   At K'sirs, the effort is to create a self-sufficient environment and expose children to a holistic perspective to community living. Students are trained to manage and take care of the farm.

    While kids enjoy with the animals, they will learn that most of the food we eat every day comes from farms, and taking care of animals takes time, dedication, and knowledge.

   Kids can see our cows, goats, geese and dogs and learn all about caring for farm animals. At K'sirs, they will have a chance to help groom, feed goats and cows, under staff supervision.

Pets and farm animals:


   K'sirs has a lot of animals and birds like dogs, cows, chickens, pigeons, geese and rabbits. students are encouraged to take care of the pets and thereby develop love for other living beings.

   In a safe and controlled environment students can get up close and personal with our friendly farmyard personalities We encourage students to interact with pets and get to know our diverse range of farmyard animals.

   K'sirs team deliver factual and entertaining unscripted information that allows their natural animal loving personalities to shine through.

   Animal facts are entwined with amusing stories and anecdotes. They out line key characteristics of each animal & valuable products we get from them as well as they share information about what each animal needs to stay happy and healthy.

Flora and Fauna:


   Children are encouraged to associate with the wide variety of flora and fauna in the campus. Nature classes are an extended part of the daily activities and are also part of the Science learning projects.

   Teachers and students can create plans for wildlife habitats using a virtual planner that suggests plants appropriate for the animals of interest and the school's climate zone and generates a printable garden plan that can be used as a planting guide. This also contains fact sheets and ideas about native plants, animals and gardening that provide useful information for developing habitats for wildlife.

Unit Green Thumb:


   Gardening is a part of the co-curricular activities at K'sirs as it offers hands on experience and learning qualities in a wide array of disciplines, including the natural and social services, language arts (e.g., through garden journaling), visual arts (e.g., through garden design and decoration), and nutrition.

   Apart from training students in the art of gardening and maintaining the organic farms, the school also places adequate emphasis on teaching them about waste management.

The co curricular activities in K'sirs are designed in such a way as to present possibilities to students to work in collaboration, to exercise leadership and enhance the ability to take initiatives.

Co curricular activities in schools supply wonderful opportunities to youngsters to determine their potentials and improve both in the scholastic and non-scholastic know-how and also improve their social and behavioural skills.

In addition, these activities ensure physical, mental, social, emotional and aesthetic improvement in a youngster.

Students are required to participate in one co-curricular activity and one club activity and must also enrol for physical education classes. They are actively encouraged to pursue inter school competitions, sports and cultural activities.

Some of the Activities Include:


   Adventure Sports



   Basket Ball

   Bird Watching


   Classical Dance






   Roller Skating



   Table Tennis

   Throw ball

   Volley ball

   Western Dance




Socially Useful Productive Work is a value added extra class that allows students to train in a host of everyday activities that will in turn mould them into well rounded citizens.

The Activities Include clubs like:

   First Aid

   Manufacture and supply of paper bags

   Road safety patrol

   Seed to tree (Siruthuli)

   Bird Watching (OSAI)

   Environment Resource Team (Arulagam)



   Dry waste recycling (RAAC)

   Pasumpulari (Siruthuli)

   Siraku viri - An awareness program on our Environment

Our Partners in Academic, Sports and Environmental issues:


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